My name is Kelli McCloud.

I am the Founder and Music Industry Resource for Samboraly Yours.

I began my SY journey in September of 1988. Back then, the internet was not a "mainstream" thing as it is today, so basically I got the word out via smail-mail to all my pen pals. It was like Heather Locklear once said in a shampoo commercial - "Then I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on" You get the point. Within 3 years, Samboraly Yours was 250 members strong and going full speed ahead. The rest is history.

Anyway, I guess you guys want to know a little more about me.
I was born February 12, 1973 in Summit, New Jersey. I spend most of my time performing in the NJ/NY club circuit as a freelance vocalist. I currently have no children and 5 cats that I share with my wonderful boyfriend in our Rahway, NJ apartment. I work for Costume Super Center (www.costumesupercenter.com) as an administrative assistant/customer service rep. My vocal coach is none other than Tony Harnell (of TNT) and I previously trained with Sebastian Bach (Skid Row). I am in the process of trying to acquire a recording contract and I session work whenever I can. I am also a practicing Witch and I have my own line of herbal beauty botanicals that I make in my home (Lilith's Lair).

Kelli McCloud

:::::KERRY PERRY:::::

My name is Kerry Lynn Perry.

I am the Executive Director at Samboraly Yours. I have been with SY since 2003 when I was asked to help out by a former board member. My passion for Richie's music made this project one that I grew to love and I quickly moved into the Assistant Executive spot because of my dedication to Richie and the website. When the former executive stepped down in April 07, I took over with her blessing and Kelli's support!

My dream of meeting Richie Sambora came true on Oct 9, 2002 when Bon Jovi was in Detroit doing promotion for Bounce! Richie was ALL I had thought he was and more! Kind, Generous, Funny and Sweet! He could not have impressed me more as a musician who cares about his fans! He managed to stop and sign autographs for every fan that had come out to the radio station that morning. Even my husband was quite impressed and that day realized WHY I had chosen Richie as my favorite musician.

I have gained so many WONDERFUL friendships and shared some GREAT Richie andBon Jovi memories with so many fellow fans! Times I well never forget as long as I live!

::::: LACY FULLER :::::

Hey, I'm Lacy Fuller, a web designer and developer from Colorado. I've been doing web work for about thirteen years, and currently work for a local ISP doing web application coding and graphic design.

I've been a Bon Jovi fan since college, and as a casual pianist and guitarist, I was instantly drawn to David Bryan and Richie Sambora.

After seeing a concert on the Lost Highway tour, I started posting on the Samboraly Yours board and met Kerry, who asked me to be a part of the team. I'm really excited to be a part of Samboraly Yours, and I'm glad that I can offer my skills to such a great community.


My name is Maureen Bezaire and I live in Windsor, ON Canada.

I have been a dedicated Bon Jovi fan since I first heard "Slippery When Wet" when I was 10 years old. Ever since that day, I have faithfully followed the band through their group and solo projects. I've grown to see that they are not just awesome entertainers, but they are great people as well.

While I can't honestly say that I have been solely a Richie fan from the beginning, I am equally fond of all of the members of Bon Jovi. I am beginning to realize now though, that Richie is more like me personality wise. The couple of times that I've been close enough to speak to him, he's been nothing but nice. I also admit that he can pick up pretty much any stringed instrument and make music with it, you can't ignore talent like that!

Through Bon Jovi I have met the GREATEST people! Bon Jovi road trips from Michigan to New Jersey/Philadelphia are legendary. Even though they all try to get me to pick a favourite member of Bon Jovi, I never will. Separately, they are all amazingly talented individuals, but together, they are BON JOVI. I owe this band a lot, because they have helped me to gain so many new and wonderful friends!

Being involved with Samboraly Yours will be a great experience, and I look forward to making lots of new friends.


My name is Jacqueline van Rosevelt and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I work as a Business travel consultant at a Business Travel Company. This means i make all travel arrangements for clients that you can think off, a very interesting job.

I have been a Bon Jovi fan since 1994 ever since i heard the song ' Always' and i got hooked straight away and wanted to know more about this great band. And before you know it you have the Crossroad album, more details, albums, singles and videos come around and then I became infected with the Jovi virus and you all might know there is no cure for that!
My very first show that i saw was at the These Days tour in 1996 and ever since then i try to see these wonderful musicians perform as much as i can. Either as Bon Jovi or solo projects like those as Richie Sambora's solo tour was an extreme treat and memory to take along for the ride. Being a member of the Samboraly Yours team i try to give my experiences and thoughts over to our members and making sure along with these other fine people at the SY team to make new friends or catch up with older ones. In the meantime stay along for the ride!!!

::::: LISA CULP:::::

Hi! My name is Lisa and I live in Indiana.

I have been a Richie/Jovi fan since 1984 when I first heard "Runaway" on the radio and watching MTV for Jovi videos!! The first Jovi video I saw was "In and And Out Love". I went to my first Jovi concert ever on July 21st, 2006 in Chicago at Solider Field, that was the GREATEST NIGHT of my life!!! I'm looking forward to going to many more Jovi shows next year!

I've met a lot of great Jovi friends on Samboraly Yours!! I'm happy and honored to be working with Samboraly Yours!!

::::: KERRY SMITH :::::

I hail from sunny Western Australia and I am a single parent to Travis (13) and Tahlia (8). I work part time for our equivalent of Social Security.

I have been a Bon Jovi fan (especially Richie) since the beginning. I was so happy when they finally came to Australia again in 2008. It was shortly after that I discovered SY and what a great discovery it was. Most of my friends who are Bon Jovi fans like Jon so it was great to find some fellow Richie fans.


My name is Andrea Bellmann and I live in Salzburg, Austria. I work as Front Desk Supervisor at a worldwide hotel chain.

I've been a Bon Jovi fan since 1993 when I saw the Bed of Roses video on MTV. Since then Richie has been my favourite band member and I was lucky enough to see him playing live in Nuremberg, Germany during his solo tour in 1998.

I've been going to all the local shows during the past tours and in 2007 my dream to see the band play in NJ came true when I got tickets for the Prudential Center shows. It was the first time I travelled that far to attend a show and it was so much fun and I met some great people.

Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet Richie, but I'll never give up hope.

It's a pleasure and honour being asked to work for SY.

::::: SY ASSOCIATES :::::

::::: JAG LALL :::::

My name is Jag Lall and I currently live in London, England.

I work as an artist illustrating comic books and book cover designs. I'm also trying to work my way into producing artwork for films.

I been a Bon Jovi fan since Crossroads and pretty much a Richie fan since then too, I never have met Richie, or any other of the band members, but I feel eventually I will, so I very much look forward to that.

It's also a pleasure being asked to work on Samboraly Yours.

::::: AMIT KAUL :::::

My name is Amit Kaul. I am originally from India from the North of India region called Kashmir which also has been referred to Switzerland of Asia.

I have been a big fan of the band since 1992 though a casual fan since 1989 when I came across their NJ and SWW album when I was in India. I moved to the USA in May of 1993 on exchange student visa for my last year of high school when the band was during their Keep The faith Tour. Saw them twice that tour at MSG and Tampa. I havee been big fan of Richie after I saw him at some shows during the 1998 tour.

I work in the IT industry and have lived in NY most of the time except for 3 yrs when I wwas in Dallas and Los Angeles.

I have met RS several times and all the times he has been gracious. I have twins 8 yrs old who also love Richie music besides their own girl bands I am a big lover of Rock Music and most of my music comprises rock bands from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and some groups of the 90s. A few among them Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Allman Brothers, metallica, ACDC besides Bon Jovi

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